Kindle Unlimited

Brand Identity for a Global Marketing Campaign Launch
Amazon/Kindle Content
Creative/Art Direction + Design
Greg Montijo, Photographer
Jonathan Bergstrom, Copywriter
Erika Chapman, Producer
Rachel Grunig, Stylist
Vincent McAninch, Video Director

Launch a new global marketing campaign, brand identity and video for a subscription program for book lovers in 8 weeks.

Launch Kindle Unlimited, an integrated global marketing campaign. My role involved leading the concept, creation and execution of an entirely new program for the Kindle Content team. I created an ownable brand aesthetic for Kindle Unlimited to set it apart from leading competitors. The challenge was to create a compelling solution that communicated Kindle Unlimited’s vast library of digital books.

Using photography with smart objects, the featured book titles became interchangeable for easy adaptation for any locale, resulting in an effective and efficient launch. This technique was applied to the titles in the video, with the same success. This campaign set the bar for integrated campaign work and has led to other multi-channel marketing launches.

More info and visual reference to come.

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